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Latest company news, technology trends, manufacturers new products and solutions.


Latest company news, technology trends, manufacturers new products and solutions.


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For more than 25 years we are suplying high quality equipment and networking materials to hundreds of companies across Europe and other continents.
Qualified staff will help you to chose or to modify the right solution for your projects!

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Why choose us?

1. Huge experience in telecomunication solutions

One of the first fiber optic and other telecomunication product distributor and manufacturer in the Eastern Europe.
Over more than 22 years we have analised hundreds of aplications, and not only sold, but also designed and manufactured custom products, for lots of projects.

2. Wide product portfolio with real life checked/created products

Started as a distributor 20 years ago, we now can offer our own product lines in area of fiber optic conectivity, network and server cabinets, and some telecom solutions, Production lines in Europe and in Asia help us provide both price effective and fast delivered products.

3. Our products have already been chosen by thousands of clients

Thousands of projects was succesfully finished with SOMI NETWORK products, so we proudly can say, that most of them are field tested, and confirmed by customers.

4. Best price in the market!

We can proudly say, that for most of our main products we can privide verry atractive pricing, though still providing high quality and fast delivery times.


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